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About uDropship

Since 2011 uDropship has been the most trusted and feature-rich Dropshipping solution in the ecosystem. It gives you the power to sell products from multiple vendors and handle inventory and order fulfillment with ease. It streamlines communication between your store and dropshippers, allowing you to automate orders and shipments handled by your vendors or dropship company, while preserving the simplicity of customer shopping experience.
With uDropship, you can bring on fresh inventory from multiple vendors easily, helping you increase your site traffic, improve your profit margins, and grow your business.




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Over 3000 stores are using uDropship

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"Unirgy has been developing software with robust capability and features for almost as long as Magento has been around. We have used several of their products over the years and it has saved our clients from having to do manual imports or pay the price of having complex custom development done to meet their requirements."

Jonathan Hodges

Executive Director

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Dropship Order Management

Automated Dropship Workflow

Automatic sales order splitting into vendor dropship purchase orders with full order lifecycle management. Order fulfillment can be fully automated without any human interaction.

Dropshipping Workflow

Full dropshipping order lifecycle and workflow. Drop ship purchase orders and shipments are linked to sales orders, shipments and invoices.

Backorders Management

Backorder management workflow allows for timely tracking and notification for backorders and out-of-stock order items and exceptions.

Purchase Orders

Automated purchase order creation and dispatch to vendors based on various sales order statuses and rules.

RMA & Returns

Returns and Exchanges with vendor RMA approval workflow with notifications, oversight and exceptions handling.

Order Notifications

Order management workflows, rules and alerts for late order notifications and handling.

Complete Order Supervision

Complete automated supervision of the process from sales order to delivery of an order to the customer.

Enhanced Customer Service

Timely customer order and shipment notifications and proactive order and shipment monitoring enhances level of customer service.

Dropship Fulfillment

Multiple Shipping Origin

Supports multiple shipping origins per single sales order. Shipping rates calculated based on each vendors’ ship-from location for accurate shipping rates and tracking.

Shipping Method per Vendor

Optionally enable shoppers to select shipping method and service level per vendor in a shopping cart at checkout.

Multiple Shipping Options

Ship using live rates, flat rates, table rates, zone rates, small parcel, LTL, scheduled deliveries.

Flexible Shipping Accounts

Ship on vendors’ shipping carrier accounts or your own carrier accounts. Global or vendor-specific shipping configuration options.

Automatic Shipping Labels

Optional automatic generation of shipping labels and packing slips attached to vendor order notifications. Alternatively, vendors can print shipping labels vendor portal or use their own.

Multiple Shipping Carriers

Integrations with 100+ major shipping carriers worldwide.

Automated Shipment Tracking

Automated shipment tracking with status and exception handling with notification. System can proactively identify problem with shipment and delivery alerting you and the vendor.

Partial Shipment Handling

Optional partial shipment processing and tracking workflow with corresponding partial payment capture.

Geolocation Shipping

Option for admin or vendor defined flat shipping rates based on geographic ship-from and ship-to regions.

Cross-Border Fulfillment

Native support for cross-border quoting and cross-border shipping.

Dropship Payments and Payouts

Vendor Payout Workflow

Pay vendors based on status of orders or shipments or after some predetermined timeframe.

Vendor Payout Options

Flexible vendor payout options: Manual, Scheduled and Automatic.

Multiple Payment Providers

Supports 100+ major payment methods, providers and gateways worldwide.

Automatic Payment Splits

Optionally split incoming payment at checkout automatically allocating funds to all the involved vendors while retaining your commission.

Scheduled Payouts

Optionally collect payments from shoppers and pay vendors per schedule at a later date.

Multiple Payout Methods

Automated online or offline payments and payouts. Pay vendors righr from the system or optionally export vendor payout data into your banking app or your Account Payable systems.

Vendor Refunds and Adjustments

Automatically account for refunds and financial adjustments in vendor payouts.

International Payments

Support for international and multi-currency payments and transactions.

Localized Payments

Support for 150+ local currencies in over 120 countries.

Vendor Capabilities

Inventory & Order Management

Vendors can process orders, update inventory, create and manage shipments. These operations could be done manually or in bulk, including uploading product and inventory files.

Vendor Shipping Options

Use global shipping methods for all vendors or let each vendor use their own shipping carriers and methods, including: Live rates, Flat rates, Tiered rates etc. Automatically generate shipping labels and packing slips and attach them to order notifications for vendors.

Vendor Self-Service

Vendor Portal allows vendors to fully self-manage their account settings, shipping configurations, integration & notification preferences. It also allows vendors to process orders, , view reports and communicate with the admin.

Real-Time Order Dispatch

Notify vendors of orders in real-time via email or send them scheduled batches with orders in vendor specific formats. Optionally fully automate order processing with vendors via API, EDI, FTP or direct file exchange.

Vendor Geo-Fencing

Optionally assign certain vendors to specific product categories, custom geographical areas, countries, zip or postal codes, states or regions.

Vendor Onboarding Workflow

Flexible Account Signup/Approval Process. Upon admin’s approval, the system automatically creates vendor account, issues temporary login and emails vendor a link to Vendor Portal with all required information to get started.

Automatic Inventory Synchronization

Ability to automatically synchronize product and inventory data with vendors’ systems via API, EDI, FTP or automated file import. Includes scheduler and field mapper with multiple file types and formats.

Shopper / Vendor / Admin Communication

Optional shopper to vendor communication with admin moderation workflow. Shoppers can ask product and vendor questions right from the product page. Configurable admin moderation with privacy, visibility and notification settings.

Multivendor Options

Multiple Sellers per SKU

Manage multiple vendors per product. Each vendor can manage their own stock level, cost and shipping for each SKU. Admin can assign or change vendor per order item after the order was placed or use configurable automated vendor selection rules based on variety of factors.

Multivendor Single Checkout

Products from multiple vendors can be checked out in a single transaction. Optionally enable shoppers to select shipping options per each vendor involved in a transaction.

Automatic Vendor Assignment

System can automatically assign vendor to an order based on priority, inventory levels, product cost, shipping fees or location-based vendor selection rules. Ability to configure custom vendor assignment rules.

Smart Product Optimizer

Automatically associate new vendor product offers with existing products thus removing redundant product listings and streamlining and improving shoppers’ experience.

Multivendor Product Offers

Ability to process multiple vendor offers for the same product right. Handle each vendor’s product price, condition, lead time, rating and other relevant vendor-specific product info.

Purchase Order Management

Complete multivendor purchase order management with automatic purchase order generation based on items in the sales order. Each vendor involved in a sales order receives a separate PO. System manages complete lifecycle of order fulfillment for every PO.

Vendor priority workflow

Prioritize your own stock or assign priority vendors for order fulfillment based on hard assignment, vendor performance, inventory levels or geographical preferences.

Integration Preferences

Multiple Integration Options

Easily integrate with your or your or your vendors’ ERP, Accounting, PIM, WMS, 3PL and back-office systems natively or via multiple methods or protocols.

Complete Integration

Integrate sales order, shipment, inventory, product and financial data and all data elements. Mapping mechanism ensure accuracy. Real time or scheduled integration options.

Multiple Integrations Methods

Integrate natively via API, FTP, file exchange, import/export or EDI. Fully automated and semi-automated options.

Vendor Integrations

Direct integration with various types of vendor systems such as Back-office, PIM, POS, WMS, ERP, eCommerce platform, Amazon or inventory systems

Global or Vendor-Specific

Easily handle integrations with major vendors or small mom and pop shops. Flexible integration options allow you to set global integration rules for all or integrate with each vendor individually in a custom way.

Real-Time or Scheduled

Real-time or scheduled data exchange with all of your integrated systems. Full control if scheduling or real-time data communications.

Templates and Adapters

Configurable and customizable integration templates and adapters for orders, shipments, inventory and all other data types. Save valuable time and eliminate error prone activities.

Native Integrations

Natively integrations with multiple types and brands of platforms, systems and frameworks. Easily integrate with your tech stack no matter what you or your vendors are running.

API Breadth & Performance

Almost 100% of the data is exposed to the API for easy integrations and customizations. High-speed architecture insures optimal performance. API transactions allows for hundreds of calls per second.

Headless Commerce Ready

Decoupled architecture with server-to-server API functionality provide for complete headless commerce capabilities.

Multiple Product Types

Simple products

A simple product is a physical item with a single SKU without variations.

Configurable products

A configurable product is a single product with options for each variation which allows for inventory tracking for each variation.

Bundled products and Kits

A bundled product let shoppers build their own from variety of options. The bundle could be any customizable product such as a computer. Each item in the bundle is a separate, standalone product.

Products with custom options

Ability to assign custom or user defined options to simple products.

Downloadable products

A downloadable product that consists of one or more files that are downloaded.

Scheduled products

A Scheduled product is a type of digital product that allows the user to schedule a time window such a vacation rental or appointment.

Product Catalog Manager

Data Integrity

Multiple data validation mechanisms and rules ensure data integrity while enhancing data accuracy and consistency of your product catalog.

Intelligent Deduplication

Product deduplication mechanism and features ensure optimal product merchandising by increasing ease of use and structure.

Multi-Source Inventory

Ability to synchronize vendor product data from multiple sources, locations and systems.

Ease of Use

System generated customizable product creation and upload templates for various product categories enhances ease of use.


High speed product data upload processing ensures high performing product creation and editing.

Data Security

Built-in data validation and security features protect against malicious data upload. Dry run options notify of potential errors.

Smart Merchandising

Operator defined product attribute requirements per category. Define globally or per product type and category.

Inventory Optimizer

Automatically notify vendors of low inventory. User defined inventory notifications and alerts.

Auto Generation of Data

Product import automatically creates missing categories, attributes, values and stores images Intelligent Update.

Intelligent Data Update

Data import intelligently updates only the records that require updating while ignoring the records that do not require an update. Optionally automatically delete discontinued items. All in a single run.

Automatic Upsells

Rules based assignment if upsells, cross-sells and related products enhances conversion and make your product catalog more user friendly for shoppers.

Financial Suite

Vendor Financial Statements

Automatically generated Vendor Financial Statements listing all details of all transactions and fees.

Automatic Calculations

Automatic vendor payout calculations based on commission configurations and other fees, refunds, exchanges and adjustments.

Automated Adjustments

Payout calculations with automatic refund adjustment.


Automatic invoicing of shipped items, including partially shipped orders.

Vendor Tax Calculations

Vendor location accounted for in tax calculation rules.

Listing Fees & Plans

Optional product listing fees and seller membership plans.

Vendor Analytics

Multiple performance report produced daily/monthly/yearly or as scheduled. Reports are available to the Admin and in the Vendor Portal for vendors.

Multiple Revenue Opportunities

Optional flat rate or tiered commissions, listing fees, handling fees, membership fees and product cost + markup transactions.

Administration and Governance

Configurable Vendor Onboarding

Customizable and configurable vendor registration and onboarding workflow with review and approval.

Automated Supervision

Admin supervision over all vendor actions with configurable vendor access.

Admin Moderation

Optional moderation of product data, seller to customer communication and reviews.

Order Monitoring

Automated vendor late order monitoring with alerts and reminders.

Communication Channel

Vendor to Admin communication workflow with optional moderation and filters.

Vendor Quality Control

Easy-to-use vendor administration and quality control rules and processes.

Shipment Notifications

Automatic shipment notification to customer, including for partial shipments.

Business Intelligence and Insights

Understand your business and customers better with built-in analytics and reporting.

Proactive Notifications

Automated Vendor and Customer email notifications.


Localize in any language with uploaded or in-line translations.

Fully Customizable

Extend and customize the platform the way you want.

Admin Dashboard

An actionable admin dashboard of your sales, orders and processes.

Multi-Storefront Capable

Easily launch and operate multiple store views, storefronts and websites based on the same product and vendor catalog backend.


PWA Ready

Ultrafast, search-engine optimized, fully responsive modern frontend for any browser and device.

Mobile App

100% responsive mobile experience without developing native apps for iOS and Android. Features include offline-mode, push notifications, home-screen access, and full-screen mode.

Social Media Integration

Social media integration, such as Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr and others.

Increased Conversion Rate

High conversion rates and shopper engagement while significantly decreasing shopping cart abandonment and bounce rate.

Comprehensive API

Vendor API

Allows for full integration with any vendor systems such for Order Management, ERP, WMS, PIM, Shipping, Accounting etc.

Integration API

Achieve full integration with all of your or third-party systems, components and services.

Orders API

Allows for API order processing. Send and receive order notifications, data and statuses. Integrate with any Order Management system or workflow.

Products API

Create and update products via API. Integrate with any PIM, system or product service as required.

Inventory API

Update inventory in real time or according to schedule via this API. Easily integrate with any system that manages your or your vendors’ inventory.

Headless API

Harness the benefits of Headless architecture by integrating PWA or similar frontend for your marketplace.

Scalability and High Performance

Highly Scalable

Easily scalable to over 100,000+ active vendors and million of SKUs.

Resilient Architecture

Easily handles large volumes of traffic and seasonal spikes of orders.

Billions of Transactions

Billions dollars of commerce enabled since launch.

Blazing-Fast Speed

Optimized architecture and technology provides for high speed.

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“Great software that is miles ahead of what I have seen at a very reasonable price.”

Jacob North


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We’ve helped successfully launch thousands of dropshipping websites. Our experience, expertise and deep understanding of dropshipping technology and business is unmatched. Expedite your time-to-market and take your business into hyper growth by leveraging the mastery of our in-house experts and specialized partners.

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We are renowned for our outstanding technical and customer support.

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Our support team is always available to assist in every way with our standard unlimited support plan. Enterprise support plans are also available.

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Work with our network of specialized system integrators, subject matter experts and agencies who have experience and expertise to make sure your marketplace is a huge success.

Help Center

Live help, comprehensive documentation, detailed user guides, how-to tutorials and screencasts, unlimited orientation sessions and live configurations overviews.

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“Having worked with Unirgy for many years now with the uDropship customizations have been instrumental in fine-tuning shipping solutions for the current market. Unirgy is leading the way in providing excellent Magento shipping solutions while the developers provide superior quick support. I would not hesitate to recommend to any company the Unirgy product solutions with their quality work and ongoing support.“

David Holt


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"We implemented the Unirgy suite for Magento site with over 3.000 orders per day. Although we needed to invest a lot of time understanding and learning the multiple options for configuring the system, the good thing is that the gap for customization was low. The overall system was really well thought through, so you can do mostly everything. The code quality is excellent."

Nicolas Mella