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 +====== Using Excel Profile Report ======
 +===== Retrieving all errors as a list =====
 +  - After the profile finished execution go to Status tab and click **Export Excel Report** button.
 +  - Download the file and run it with Excel.
 +  - In the Home ribbon locate **Find & Select** button (usually the last one on the right), click and select **Find...**.
 +  - Click the **Options >>** button.
 +  - Click the arrow on the right of **Format...** button and select **Choose format from cell...**
 +  - The cursor will become a picker style, move it to **A1 (success), B1 (warning) or C1 (error)** sample cell and click.
 +  - Click the **Find All** button and wait for Excel to finish finding all cells of selected status.
 +  - Resize the search window and columns within the search window for easy navigation.
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