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Using Excel Profile Report

Retrieving all errors as a list

  1. After the profile finished execution go to Status tab and click Export Excel Report button.
  2. Download the file and run it with Excel.
  3. In the Home ribbon locate Find & Select button (usually the last one on the right), click and select Find….
  4. Click the Options » button.
  5. Click the arrow on the right of Format… button and select Choose format from cell…
  6. The cursor will become a picker style, move it to A1 (success), B1 (warning) or C1 (error) sample cell and click.
  7. Click the Find All button and wait for Excel to finish finding all cells of selected status.
  8. Resize the search window and columns within the search window for easy navigation.
urapidflow/excel_report.txt · by unirgy