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Disable existing products that missing in the new products feed

// initialize Magento environment
require_once "app/Mage.php";
// the export file contains SKUs and Status columns
// in file var/urapidflow/export/existing_products.csv
Mage::helper('urapidflow')->run("Export Existing Products");
// collect new skus from the feed
$newSkus = array();
// the new products feed
$fs = fopen('var/urapidflow/import/new_feed.csv', 'r');
$columns = fgetcsv($fs); // read column titles
while (($r = fgetcsv($fs))) {
    $row = array_combine($columns, $r);
    $newSkus[$row['sku']] = 1;
// the existing products export
$fs = fopen('var/urapidflow/export/existing_products.csv', 'r');
$columns = fgetcsv($fs); // read column titles
// new file to update products statuses
$fd = fopen('var/urapidflow/import/update_status.csv', 'w');
fputcsv($fd, array('sku', 'status'));
while (($r = fgetcsv($fs))) {
    $row = array_combine($columns, $r);
// if you're using not English as a store language, change the status text
    if (empty($newSkus[$row['sku']]) && $row['status']!='Disabled') {
        fputcsv($fd, array($row['sku'], 0));
// you can also delete missing products (uRapidFlow Pro)
// will require profile "Data Type" = "Product Extra"
//      fputcsv($fd, array('-CP', $r['sku']));
// add and update feed products, uses file var/urapidflow/import/new_feed.csv
Mage::helper('urapidflow')->run("Import Products");
// update missing products status, uses file var/urapidflow/import/update_status.csv
Mage::helper('urapidflow')->run("Update Product Status");
urapidflow/disable_missing_products.txt · by unirgy