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Release Notes


  • Fixed small bugs and typos
  • Added set customerGroups to cert model
  • Changed logic of removing certificate codes, not to throw an exception.
  • Changed default values for some settings to be enabled, removed unused setting fields.
  • updated en_US csv file.
  • updated some product page styles to match default ones
  • changed some code to add more compatibility
  • fixed send on save algorithm
  • Updated locale file to include all strings
  • fixed SQL foreign key error when saving certificate
  • changed error messages for PDF preview not to raise exceptions


  • fixed potential bug in update file 1.2.2, it affects installations which miss 'default' product attribute set
  • fixed possible injection bug caused by non escaped custom options values in Magento admin
  • restored ability to show only enabled delivery option (either email, post or both)
  • fix for bad formatted xml in config.xml, it caused exception when rendering invoice and credit memo totals
  • fix, updated frontend and server validation for posted data


  • fixed bug with installer for older Magento rleases
  • fixed bug in email scheduling


  • added option to disallow coupons alongside certificates
  • fixed option to use certificate only on the store from which it was bought
  • fixed, refunded orders now restore certificate amounts
  • added option to limit certificate usage to specific customer group
  • added option to schedule sending, now customer can choose when to send purchased certificate email
  • added dedicated certificate input box, it can be used next to coupons box. It has to be manually added to cart template
  • added option to configure url for balance check page
  • added certificate usage reports
  • fixed multiple small issues
  • added option for each gift product or certificate to have their own email template, certificate inherit product settings
  • changed how PDF settings are used. Now same PDF template can be assigned to multiple certificates.


  • fixed a bug for 1.6.2, which causes a block to be rendered in email template
  • Fix a bug in 1.7, when retrieving media path
  • fixed bug with quote endless loop if anything triggers collect totals during quote load


  • fixed bug with getConditions method not found
  • added experimental option to exclude some totals from gift certificate coverage (shipping, tax etc)


  • fixed PDF website/store level configuration problem
  • fixed notices of undefined indexes in some occasions
  • fixed a bug with empty initial PDF settings,like after import
  • added auto disabling PDF form inputs when use default is checked.
  • fixed a bug, where added comments are not listed in history tab. Also a bug when certificate id is actually its code


  • Updated license handling to support Unirgy Installer


  • added an option to set allowed domains, this allows to have module not interfere with multiple domains on the same installation
  • added global override checkbox for PDF settings on certificate and product level
  • added strftime formatting option for expire_at field
  • fixed pdf printout text positioning
  • fixed pdf printout font variants
  • fixed email issue when adding user to history


  • Improved pdf settings page
  • Added pdf settings to each certificate
  • Added pdf settings when creating certificates, allowing to batch set PDF settings
  • Added conditions settings when creating certificates
  • Added pdf settings to gift certificate products, all certificates from that product inherit them
  • Added conditions settings to gift certificate products, all certificates from that product inherit them
  • Updated us locale file.
  • added ability to capture orders when paid completely with certificates
  • added conditions check upon each time cart page is reloaded, to avoid breaking conditions after certificate is applied
  • fixed issues with One step checkout module
  • fixed some translation calls to other modules that were not correct
  • fixed error when using one fixed amount for certificate, it was being converted to integer always


  • Fix layered navigation with negative prices.
  • Added minimal possible price to product.
  • Fix showing Gift Certificate total even when no GC used
  • Fix customer frontend invoice details do not show GC used information
  • Fix, when purchasing multiple certificates of same kind, only one PDF is sent
  • Fix, changed PDF settings fieldset name construction
  • Fix, typos in some files
  • Fix, OnestepObserver, was preventing non certificates to be used
  • Fix, sidebar cart block shows total 0 with giftcerts
  • Improvement, cleaned up some code in Observer.php
  • Fix, filtering by certificate ID is causing an error.
  • Fix, wrong setup resource string used in sql update file
  • Refactored email sending process
  • Fixed faulty logic for PDFs
  • Changed install file


  • Fix for certificate collection addHistory method which was adding

all imported certificates to collection at all times.


  • Added import capabilities.
  • Fixed PDF draw text error


  • Fixed PDF settings page for Magento and earlier
  • Fixed fatal error of non existing Link form element.


  • Added OnestepCheckout observer, supporting OnestepCheckout extension
  • Added convenience method for removing certificate from quote.
  • Fixed update checkout payment methods to work with 1.4, 1.6rc1 as well.
  • Fixed some checks added to make sure _title() controller method exists. 1.3 compatibility fix
  • Fixed added try catch block for PDF download link, up until 1.4.1 there is no Varien Link element
  • Fixed added method_exist check to PDF settings form, fix for Magento before 1.4.2
  • Fixed PDF page size for older ZF PDF versions.
  • Fixed paypal checkout for Magento version and earlier


  • Added external API interface
  • Added PDF printout option
  • Added conditions for gift certificates
  • Added 'Save and Send' button
  • Added editing GC product after it has been added to cart, preserves previously configured values
  • Changed, remove order id field when admin creates certificate
  • Fixed compatibility with CE 1.5.1 and CE 1.6rc1
  • Fixed problem with payment method display when order is fully covered by GC
  • Fixed PayPal express error, amount mismatch
  • Fixed PayPal standard error, discount not transferred
  • Fixed error, discount not transferred
  • Fixed Configuring certificate to use currency other than configured currencies triggers fatal error
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