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PDF Printout

PDF Settings

PDF settings can be found as sub menu item of Gift Certificates menu - Admin → Customers → Gift Certificates → PDF Printout settings.

We are giving quite big range of settings to site owners.

  1. You can enable/disable pdf printouts
  2. You can choose whether to use Magento precofigured font or default PDF fonts.
  3. You can choose units to use for all distance and dimensions settings - inches, millimeters or points.
  4. You can set width and height of printout
  5. For each certificate property code you can set its position, font size, text color and font variant.
  6. There is option to upload an image to use as logo or even image overlay on the page. You can set its position and dimensions. This way you can make image cover entire printout, giving you some nice design opportunities.

Note: Font sizes should be given in points. All other dimensions can be in the unit chosen in settings.

Note: When calculating position of elements on page remember that PDF coordinate system starts from bottom left corner of page. So to place an element at top of the page, 1 inch from top, you should take entire page height subtract 1 inch (and font size if you need to be very accurate) and use resulting value as Y position value.

Note: All settings besides enable/disable are available on all Magento configuration levels - default, website, store

PDF Usage

If PDF printouts are enabled, they are sent as attachment to any certificate confirmation email. Also on each certificate edit page there is a link to download PDF printout with its current balance.

Units ratios

Base unit in PDF is point, although you can use also inches and millimeters it is good to know how these units relate to points.

1 inch = 72 points

1 mm = 2.83 points


ugiftcert/pdfprintout.txt · by jamby77