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Install uGiftCert

  • Download archive from download link that is in the e-mail you received upon order completion
  • Unzip the files
  • Place them in the root directory in your magento installation. If you had older versions of the module you may be prompted to replace existing files. Please do so.
  • Disable compilation mode if it is running
  • If you are using a bytecode cache such as APC or eAccelerator, you may need to disable it or flush it after installing the module.
  • You will find few directories that match some of the directories in Magento root
  • Make sure that you have IonCube loader installed on your server
  • You should place ugiftcet.lic.txt file in /app directory. If you use compilation mode, then you have to place the file in / (Magento root)
  • Clear cache of your magento installation
  • In Magento Cache page, hit the button labeled “Flush Cache Storage”
  • If you are logged into the magento Admin, Log out and log back in.
  • You should now see a new menu item, Gift Certificates under the Customers Tab and Gift Certificates in System→Configuration, under the Customer section.
  • If you wish to use compilation mode, go to Tools > Compilation and run the tool
  • When creating new product you should have new product type Gift Certificate available
ugiftcert/install.txt · by jamby77