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Global uGiftCert configuration

Main configuration of uGiftCert can be found in System → Configuration → Customer section, Gift Certificates tab.

Entire configuration tab consists of 5 groups:

  • Defaults
  • Gift certificate totals
  • Gift certificate customer interface on catalog product view
  • Email delivery options
  • Physical delivery options
  • Administrative Configuration

We will cover all sections.


Auto generate certificate number

If set to Yes all certificate codes will be auto-generated. If set to No, admin user will need to go to Customers → Gift Certificates menu and set certificate code manually before the certificate could be used. There is a chance that if payment for certificate order is received before code is set the customer will receive gift certificate email without certificate code. Generally it is recommended to auto generate codes.

Certificate number pattern

Simple pattern expression used for certificate code generation.


Should PINs be used for customer gift certificates balance checking. Is it used for anything else?

Auto generate PIN

Should PIN be auto generated or input by admin user (similar to Auto generate certificate number setting)?

PIN pattern

Simple pattern expression used for PIN generation

Default status

Default status for when certificate is generated - pending means certificate is valid, but cannot be used yet, active means certificate is valid and can be used, inactive means certificate cannot be used anymore.

Change status to active on payment completion

Should certificate status be changed to active automatically when payment is received? If set to No then certificates will have to be enabled manually.

Amount values configuration

Default certificate amounts. This setting can be overridden on by certificate basis. If using single value, make sure that it is just the value without semicolons or any other character following it. If using currency coded setting make sure you have at least 2 rows set. Setting only USD: 25; 50; 100 by it self will produce 3 prices with $0 for first entry. Generally if you use one currency then you should not use currency coding.

Default Expiration Timespan (in days)

Period after certificate creation during which certificate can be used. This setting can be overridden on by certificate basis on certificate management page. Is it possible to set this on by product basis???

Use certificate conditions

Enable usage of conditions similar to shopping cart coditions, which determine if certificate can be used with current cart items. These conditions can be set on per Gift Certificate product or per Certificate basis.

Add certifcate info to order details

This allows to add information for purchased and redeemed certifcates to order data. Mostly useful if you want to integrate this data with external accounting system.

Domains included in your license

Comma separated list of domains that the license of Giftcert is valid for.

Allow only one certificate per order (Single mode)

Enable this if you want to allow to your customers to be able to use only one certificate per order.

Error message in single mode

You can customize what is shown to customers when they try to use more than one certificate, when this is not allowed.

Disallow coupons with certifcates

Enable this when you want to prevent coupons and certifcates from being used together. This may not work out of the box with 3rd party checkout modules.

Error message when coupons are not allowed

Customize/translate error message here

Check certifcate store

Enable this to limit certifcate usage only to the store which is assinged to certifcate.

Gift certificate totals

As a beta feature this allows to exclude some totals from what certifcate covers from order totals

In case for example you don't want shipping to be paid with certifcates, you can select it in above list and it will be excluded from calcuations.

Gift certificate customer interface on catalog product view

Allow multiple recipients

Experimental. Enable to allow adding multiple certificates to different recipients from same product. All added certificates will have same settings, except for sender and recipient data.

Allow custom message

Allow custom gift message that will be attached to confirmation email. If physical shipping is used, store owner has to take care of printing out the message. What html are tags allowed???

Custom message max length

Maximum message length.

Enable custom message preview


Provide real time message preview. If Yes then text sample is shown above product image.

This setting will probably be removed as it does not show reliable preview, do not rely on it and best leave it to 'No'

Display full totals info in cart

If set to No then Gift Certificate applied in cart is allowed to be removed and its code is displayed.

Use customer group limitation

Enable this to have certifiate usage limited to specified customer group. Customer groups are specified in certificates or certificate products.

Balance check URL

Set this to whatever URL path fits your SEO or store needs. The page will show balance check form regardless of customer being logged in or not.

Email delivery options

Enable email notifications

Set this to Yes to have email notifications at all.

Allow recipient's email

If set to Yes customer will be allowed to fill in another recipient email address so that when order is completed, the other person receives Gift Certificate email straight away. If set to No and buyer wants to buy GC for someone else, she will need to manually forward details to that person, or use physical address for shipping.

Send new GC confirmation

When to send GC confirmation email

  1. On order completion - right after order is placed, or
  2. On payment completion - after payment is made or
  3. Never - (send confirmation manually).

Beware that if you set this to On order completion buyer can get Gift Certificate details before paying for it. Best to use this option if your payment method submits order after receiving payment. If set to Never no notifications will be sent

Allow scheduled sending

Enable schedule for certifcates. If this is set to 'Yes', customers will get a calendar widget via which they can choose a date for sending certifcate. For this to work, Magento cron jobs must be configured and running for the site.

Gift Certificate Email Sender

Email contact on whose behalf GC emails will be sent. Configurable in System→Configuration→General→Store Email Addresses

Gift Certificate Email Template for Someone Else

Transactional email template to be used when GC is bought for someone else but the customer. This and above setting templates can be edited in Transactional email menu. You can edit template files directly, but this is not recommended because your changes will be lost upon extension update. Since in v.2 we have opted for explicit sender and recipient names, we only need one email template. Template for someone else has fileds for both sender and recipient and is more suitable that template for self was. Name of this field will probably be changed to only Gift Certificate Email Temaplate

Enable PDF printouts

Enable PDF printouts for certificates. If set to Yes, PDFs will be generated and attached to each certifcate email.

Gift Certificate PDF Template

Default PDF template to use. PDF templates can be set per store, per product and per certifcate level. If certifcate does not have a template assigned, it will use default one for its store. When gift products are sold, their PDF template setting is inherited by created certifcates. If product does not have a template configured, then store template is used.

PIN format for email confirmations

Text format to be used for representing PIN code in customer email.

Enable email and PDF variants

This feature is available only in Pro add-on, if it is enabled customers will be able to choose from variations of certifcate looks. These variations are configured by admin in product settings.

Delivery options

Allow recipient's address

If set to yes and recipient address is provided, then order process will be conducted as per simple product type (a product that has physical representation and needs to be shipped to customer). If this is No then gift certificates will always be treated as virtual products, that don't need to be shipped.

Always handle GC as virtual products

If set to 'Yes' then products will always be treated as virtual and no shipping will be calculated during checkout. Still if “Allow recipient's address” is “Yes”, customer will be able to fill in recipient physical address.

Recipient address options

Select how to provide recipient address

  • Use customer entry means that user will enter recipient email or physical address.
  • Use billing address means to use checkout billing address for recipient addresses.
  • Use shipping address means to use shipping address. It is usable only if certificate product is not virtual.

If only selected option is billing or shipping address, that will effectively send the certificate to the customer who byes it. This is equivalent to previous send to my self option.

If you would like to provide customer with option to choose to send to him self or to someone else, select both billing address and customer entry, this will present customer with dropdown to choose from.

Sender address options

Select how to provide sender address

  • Use customer entry means that user will enter sender email or physical address.
  • Use billing address means to use checkout billing address for sender addresses.
  • Use shipping address means to use shipping address. It is usable only if certificate product is not virtual.

Always handle GC as virtual products

If set to Yes GC will always be treated as virtual products regardless if above setting is set to Yes and recipient address is provided.

Administrative Configuration

Subscribe for extension update notifications

If set to Yes store will receive notification whenever new extension version is available, the same type of notifications as per new Magento releases

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