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uMarketplace Vendor API Add-on


The uReturn API add-on extends Magento 2 REST/Soap API and allow admin and vendor utilize it to create/pull/update uReturns information. To get more technical details check:

  1. app\code\Unirgy\RmaApi\etc\webapi.xml - list of entry points for API calls
  2. app\code\Unirgy\RmaApi\Api\Data - data type interfaces used in API
  3. app\code\Unirgy\RmaApi\Api\RmaManagementInterface.php - interface for possible RMA operations


In order to perform API operations vendor need authentication. System use Token-based authentication by vendor email/password. Before doing actual API calls vendor need to get authentication token by doing post to /V1/integration/admin/token with json encoded array of username, password. Response of that POST will be 32 bit token that need to be used for further API calls in Authorization request header with the Bearer HTTP authorization scheme to prove vendor identity. More information is available here


POST  http://magento.loc/index.php/rest/V1/integration/admin/token\\
{"username":"<vendor email>","password":"<vendor password>"}\\

RESPONSE “xxxxxxxxx 32 bit token xxxxxxxxx”

Create RMA

Before call Create RMA API you need to get details of Purchase Order using one of these API calls:

Once it's done and you have all required entity IDs you are ready to create RMA.


POST  http://magento241.loc/rest//V1/urma/create\\
    "data": {
        "udpo_id": "86",
        "comment_text": "rma api comment",
        "send_email": "1",
        "rma_reason": "refund",
        "items": [
                "udpo_item_id": "99",
                "condition": "unopened",
                "qty": "1"

RESPONSE “000000011”

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