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 +====== Migrate Magento 1 data to Magento 2 ======
 +Requirement: RapidFlow Pro
 +  - Create export profiles of type:
 +    - EAV - mark all possible codes for export
 +    - Products - if you need to transfer images, make sure to set Export images setting to Yes
 +        - export only option, all three category columns can cause problems in same import
 +    - Products Extra - mark all possible codes for export except CC 
 +  - Edit EAV export, replace all Magento 1 class aliases in EA, EAX and EAXP codes with Magento 2 class names
 +  - Create EAV import profile on Magento 2, with the file from Magento 1 export
 +  - Import EAV data, make sure all attributes are correctly created. 
 +      - if you have third party modules on Magento 1 which add attributes, make sure to install them on Magento 2 as well
 +      - if you do not plan to use any of those third party modules, make sure to remove their attributes from EAV export files
 +  - Create Products import on Magento 2, with the file from Magento 1 export.
 +      - probably will need to enable auto create category option and auto create dropdown values option.
 +      - if transferring images, make sure to copy the files into Magento 2 var/urapidflow/import/images folder
 +  - Import Products data, make sure to reindex all product related indexes.
 +  - Create Products extra import on Magento 2, with the file from Magento 1 export.
 +  - Import PRoducts extra data 
 +  - Make sure products are listed correctly.
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