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 ===== Introduction ===== ===== Introduction =====
-This add-on is an integration with Magento B2B Negotiable Quote module. The system utilize customer quote request and present to vendor in the portal his view of the quote. Vendor can see only quote'products (subquote view) that belongs to him and all respective totals and negotiation are presented based on that subquote. Vendor can add comments, change qtys of his products, add new products and set discount that will apply only his part of the quote.+This add-on is an integration with Magento’sB2B Negotiable Quote module. The add on utilizes customer quote requests and presents a view of the quote to vendors in the portalVendors can only view the products of the quote (subquote view) that belongs to them — respective totals and negotiations are presented based on that subquote. Vendors can add comments, change products, add new products and set discounts that will apply to their part of the quote.
 ===== Customer area ===== ===== Customer area =====
-A customer add products to cart as in normal checkout. Then on the 'Edit/View Cartpage Magento B2B Negotiable Quote module adds 'Request a quote' button in the very buttom of the 'Summarysection.  +A customer adds products to his cart in the typical checkout flowOn the Edit/View Cart” pageMagento B2B Negotiable Quote module adds a “Request A Quote” button on the bottom of the Summary” section. Once clicked, a “Request a Quote” modal pops up and allows a customer to add comments, attach files, give quote a name and send request. At this pointthe negotiation process has started and the customer gets redirected to his account'My Quotes” section. A customer can find current & previous requests in this section. Until an admin or a vendor opens the current quotea customer is still able to edit quotes, add comments, attach more files, change quantities, remove products and select shipping address. Once an admin or vendor opens the current quote, a customer is no longer able to edit the current quote.
-By click on this button the system opens 'Request a Quote' popup where a customer add comments, attach files, give quote a name and 'Send request'. At this point the negotiation process is started.  +
-customer gets redirected to his account''My Quotessection. Here he can view the list of his older requests with the latest one.  +
-At this point the quote edit is not yet locked and a customer can add another comment, attach extra files, change qty, remove productsselect shipping address. He can do this until admin or vendor open the quote. Once this happen it will get locked waiting for admin and/or vendors actions+
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 ===== Vendor area ===== ===== Vendor area =====
-Once customer submitted a quote request all vendors who'products exists in the quote get it visible in 'Quotationspage in vendor portal. This page display all quotes which have vendor's products in it with some basic toplevel information. He can filter and sort this list. In quote view box vendor can view more detailed quote information, change products qty, add new products, apply negotiated price, addcomments with attachmentsAnd either 'save as draft' the quote or send applied changes to the customer. Negotiated price set by vendor applies on to his products in quote and won't effect other vendorsproducts.+Once customer submits a quote requestall vendors whose products are associated with the quote are able to see it in their “Quotations” page within the vendor portal. The “Quotations” page displays all quotes which are associated with the vendors products. In the quote view box, vendors are able to view quote details, change product quantity, add new products, apply the negotiated price, add comments and attach filesQuotes can be saved as drafts or sent directly to customer. The negotiated price that is set by the vendor only applies to the respective vendor’s products and does not affect other vendors’ products.
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 ===== Admin area ===== ===== Admin area =====
-Admin area doesn'have any visual changes in regard to original presentation. But some backend logic is affected. +The admin area does not have any UX changes; however, once an admin adds new products or changes quantities, the respective vendor’s subquotes get updated. (Note: avendor subquote is nota separate entity. It's just a view of the same quote.)
-Once admin add new products or change qtys respective vendors' subquotes get updated. Note that vendor subquote is not a separate entity. It's just a specific view of the very same quote.+
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