• Original extension includes product import/export (see add-ons for more data types)
  • Ignore empty or commented out rows
  • No internal entity IDs exported/needed
  • CSV file encoding per profile
  • Recognize and skip records that do not require update
  • Extensive data validation with detailed reporting
  • If row contains multiple errors and warnings, log them all
  • Import/export from/to remote location using FTP
  • Stable small footprint memory usage
  • Dry-run option to validate import file without changing data
  • When importing products, automatically create categories, attribute option values and attribute sets when needed (optional)
  • Automatically re-index catalog areas or refresh different cache types on profile completion, in any order
  • Export imported file as Excel spreadsheet with cell-by-cell marking of errors and warnings, with explanations
  • Import/export image files
  • Import image files directly from HTTP URLs
  • Single and batched scheduled sessions using cronjobs
  • Import/export profile configuration
  • 1 Year of Free Unlimited Support


  • Save set of import/export sessions and run with one click
  • Access import/export functions using Magento API (SOAP, XMLRPC)
  • Upload/download all your data in one archive, and the extension will take care of the rest
  • Import/export from/to remote location using SFTP, FTPS, etc.
  • Other types of data in Magento

Usage ideas:

  • Quick data entry
  • Make installation independent catalog backups
  • Mass update your catalog in Excel (export, edit, import)
  • Migrate to clean new Magento version (export from old, import to new)
  • Synchronize data between Magento installations
  • Recover whatever is still possible from broken installation
  • Delete or rename products or catalog extra data based on a criteria
  • Integrate with other applications using CSV, SOAP or XMLRPC interface

Benchmarks on our dev hosting with real data:

  • Export 78,994 products with 120 attributes and 1,574 inline categories: ~25 minutes (52 rows/second)
  • Import 78,994 products with 120 attributes and 1,574 inline categories: ~33 minutes (39 rows/seccond) - depends on number of changes required and number of attributes
  • Import 136,705 products with 974 attributes: ~67 minutes (34 rows/second)


Latest Version:
Magento 1.x:
Magento 2.x: 3.0.46



  • Create, Update, Delete records
  • Rename records (product SKU, option default title, etc.)
  • Import/export category attributes

Handles Data Types:

  • Categories
  • Related products
  • Up-sell products
  • Cross-sell products
  • Grouped products
  • Custom options
  • Configurable products
  • Bundle options
  • Images
  • Tier Prices
  • Downloads
  • Product attributes
  • Product attribute sets
  • Product attribute options


  • [Leeloo Dallas] Multi-pass strategy to allow free row ordering for dependent records
  • Import/export files (downloads)


  • Export ~1,574 categories: ~6 seconds (263 rows/second)
  • Import ~1,574 categories: ~14 seconds (113 rows/second)
  • Export 213,363 rows of extra product data: ~34 seconds (6,275 rows/second)
  • Import 213,363 rows of extra product data: ~5.5 minutes (647 rows/second)
  • Depending on a server strength import of new products can reach 150-200 rows/second, and update of existing products 250-400 rows/second


  • uRapidFlow 1.0.0


Latest Version:
Magento 1.x: 1.0.3
Magento 2.x: 2.0.13


uRapidFlow® Sales provides for lighting speed and versatility when it comes to importing and exporting of Sales and Financial data in Magento. Now you can move many thousands of records in a matter of minutes rather than hours. Use it for integrations, synchronizations, migrations, updates, backup, recovery or analysis. It could be used as a stand-alone module or conjunction with the original uRapidFlow® extension for complete control over all of your Magento data.


  • High-speed import and export of all Magento Financial data structures such as:
    • Sales Orders
    • Sales Invoices
    • Sales Taxes
    • Sales Quotes
    • Payments
    • Credit memos
    • Shipments
    • Billing Agreements
    • Gift messages
    • Recurring profiles
  • Export to or Import from remote locations using FTP/SFTP
  • Multiple export/import profiles, each with unique configurations
  • Create or update operations in a single run
  • Run single or batch sessions automatically
  • Schedule runs as required with cron
  • Ability to encode CSV files per profile
  • Extensive data validation options
  • Exception and error handling with detailed error logging
  • Dry-run data validation options
  • Automatically re-index and refresh cache post completion
  • Recognize and skip records that do not require update
  • Stable small footprint memory usage
  • Based on proven uRapidFlow architecture
  • 1 Year of Free Unlimited Support included


  • uRapidFlow 1.0.0


Profiles Grid

Shows all the profiles at a glance

Export Columns

Set custom header titles, default values and formats; drag columns to re-order

Export Conditions

The same UI as Catalog Price Rules

Import Options

Wealth of configuration

Running Status

Statistics, ETA and last log entries at a glance

Finished Status

Review the results and download reports

Excel Report

Filter by background color, fix the issues, export as CSV and re-import. Compatible with OpenOffice

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Product 1 Domain What is this 3 Domains What is this 1 Week What is this
Extension and Add-Ons
$610 $915 $120
$1280 $1920 $250
$1280 $1920 $250
$1920 $2880 $375
$640 $960 $125
1 Year of Free Unlimited Support and Upgrades included
$250 $375 $75
$155 $235  
$245 $370  
Total: $0
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Total: $0
QWhat is the difference between uRapidFlow and uRapidFlow Pro?
AuRapidFlow imports/exports products data (including images, association with categories, auto-creation of missing attribute options).
uRapidFlow Pro adds the following functionality: import/export of categories, EAV attribute data (attributes, attribute sets, attribute options) and links between products (bundles, custom options, configurable, related, gallery, tier prices, etc).
QWe need to migrate data from old Magento version (1.0). Is uRapidFlow compatible with this Magento version?
AuRapidFlow and uRapidFlowPro were tested for export with 1.0.19870.2. Please refer to this page for compatibility information.
QDoes uRapidFlow support scheduled import/export sessions?
AWe plan to add a flexible scheduling functionality to the extension. Until then, it is very simple to create a cron job for single profile or batch profiles import sessions.
QIs a public demo site available for uRapidFlow?
ANo. For multiple reasons, including problems with multiple users changing the same data set at the same time, product information privacy issues, etc.
QIs it possible to receive a time limited trial license?
AWe do offer a time limited 1 week license for one time migrations.