uRapidFlow® Sales provides for lighting speed and versatility when it comes to importing and exporting of Sales and Financial data in Magento. Now you can move many thousands of records in a matter of minutes rather than hours. Use it for integrations, synchronizations, migrations, updates, backup, recovery or analysis. It could be used as a stand-alone module or conjunction with the original uRapidFlow® extension for complete control over all of your Magento data.


  • High-speed import and export of all Magento Financial data structures such as:
    • Sales Orders
    • Sales Invoices
    • Sales Taxes
    • Sales Quotes
    • Payments
    • Credit memos
    • Shipments
    • Billing Agreements
    • Gift messages
    • Recurring profiles
  • Export to or Import from remote locations using FTP/SFTP
  • Multiple export/import profiles, each with unique configurations
  • Create or update operations in a single run
  • Run single or batch sessions automatically
  • Schedule runs as required with cron
  • Ability to encode CSV files per profile
  • Extensive data validation options
  • Exception and error handling with detailed error logging
  • Dry-run data validation options
  • Automatically re-index and refresh cache post completion
  • Recognize and skip records that do not require update
  • Stable small footprint memory usage
  • Based on proven uRapidFlow architecture
  • 1 Year of Free Unlimited Support included

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Product 1 Domain What is this 3 Domains What is this 1 Week What is this
Extension and Add-Ons
$1280 $1920 $250
$1920 $2880 $375
$640 $960 $125
1 Year of Free Unlimited Support and Upgrades included
$500 $750 $150
$310 $470  
$490 $740  
Total: $0
Total: $0
Total: $0

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